Comprehensive Mental Health Services Tailored to the Individual


  • Mental Health Assessments – Mental Health Assessments and Evaluations are typically conducted by one of our medical providers. Whether it be a mandated evaluation or of your own accord, PPG can help. Upon receiving your call, our receptionists can assist you in selecting the appropriate provider for your evaluation
  • Medication Prescribing – Our prescribing providers work with patients to establish appropriate medication regimes that thoughtfully consider risks and benefits, medication history, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Treatment of Drug & Alcohol Issues – Our medical providers and therapists can help you establish a plan for recovery that utilizes our range of services as well as the resources of our partners in the community. Please see our Buprenorphine Therapy page for the details of a medically-assisted approach to recovery.
  • Therapy – Psychotherapy has been shown to have benefits for people who go through it. Therapy often leads to better relationships, solutions to specific problems, and significant reductions in feelings of distress. Our psychologists offer free 30 minute consultations to anyone looking to establish care.
  • Group Therapy – We are currently developing a diverse selection of mental health groups to be led by various clinicians. Your PPG provider will help you decide what group is right for you – new clients can schedule a screening and orientation visit with the group leader to help make that decision. Please see our Group Therapy page for current, open groups.
  • Counseling – Our Licensed Professional Counselors and Marriage & Family Therapist can provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families looking for help navigating through issues – whatever they may be.