Buprenorphine Therapy

Buprenorphine is the medicine in Suboxone and Subutex. This medicine has made a great difference to the treatment of opiate dependence. Opiate dependence is a public health epidemic, and many people are unable to stop once they are addicted, because of severe withdrawal symptoms. And if they are able to stop, there are often problems with cravings, ongoing physical symptoms, and emotional instability. These problems far too often lead to relapse, with the risk of accidental overdose and death.

Buprenorphine has the ability to stabilize the brain’s opiate pathways, decreasing or eliminating withdrawal. It can protect the body from the dangers of more opiates. It also helps a great deal with stability and recovery success over the long term. We have long experience in using this medication to the advantage of our patients, while also focusing on any other mental health issues which may be a part of opiate dependence.

Patients looking to engage in buprenorphine therapy at Pacific Premier Group, PC can expect medication management alongside 1:1 counseling with a therapist. The frequency of both medical and therapeutic visits depends upon the individual’s level of need (as determined in the evaluation). Patients can anticipate timely response from our scheduling staff as well as appointment availability within one week of requesting to establish care.


Please call for more information regarding this program. (503) 278-5665