Addiction & Recovery Treatment

“Addiction is an insidious disease. It not only afflicts an individual, but also wreaks pain and suffering on that individual’s family and friends. When someone is struggling under the burden of substance abuse or compulsive behavioral addictions, recovery can seem like a distant dream to all involved.”

Addiction can take many forms. Some, like opioid addiction or compulsive gambling, have obvious, life-altering effects.

Other addictions may be more subtle. A recreational drinker may feel in control of their alcohol
consumption, but at some point, a drink at night may turn into two, plus one or two during the day.
Social drinking may turn into solitary drinking. Casual drinking can slide into alcoholism in a quiet,
understated descent that takes friends and family by surprise.

Even once an addiction comes to light, convincing a loved one to seek help and treatment is a
difficult task, many cases, the addict will deny that there is a problem at all. It is not
uncommon for someone to minimize their behavior by comparing their disorder to the problems of
others, or by turning on those who love them. Addicts may claim to feel unloved, undervalued, or
conspired against, and may even blame their addictions on those around them. It’s important to
remember that this kind of lashing out usually comes from fear. For the person struggling with
addiction, treatment will mean leaving behind the rituals and social habits surrounding that
addiction, which is a daunting upheaval.

In spite of all the obstacles, psychological, biological, social, and practical, that stand in the way of
recovery, Pacific Premier Group has found success treating addictions across the spectrum with
both therapy-based and medication-assisted techniques.

Therapeutic Treatment

We know that the first step toward recovery — making the decision to seek help — is often one of
the biggest hurdles on the journey. Our experienced therapists have the expertise to help you craft
a personalized treatment plan, so you can be confident in your recovery path from the very
beginning. We recognize that the recovery process is equal parts medical, psychological, and
emotional, and we are eager to help you create a roadmap and equip you with the mental tools
necessary to successfully navigate your way to recovery.

Buprenorphine Therapy

The epidemic of opioid addiction has been well publicized. Well-meaning doctors have long
prescribed opiate-based painkillers to good people across the country. These narcotics have their

place in the treatment of pain but are also highly addictive. Many people who have gone to their
physicians to seek pain relief have left with opioid addictions that begin with prescription drugs
and may end with an escalation to the cheaper, more potent alternatives of heroin or fentanyl.

Opiate recovery is a long and difficult process, and patients and their families often worry about the
risks and effectiveness of further pharmaceutical treatment, but addiction treatment has come a
long way, and there is hope.

At Pacific Premier Group, we specialize in buprenorphine therapy. Buprenorphine, one of the active
ingredients in the medication Suboxone, has the ability to stabilize the brain’s opiate pathways,
decreasing or eliminating withdrawal. It can protect the body from the dangers of more opiates,
and it can greatly improve long-term recovery success. We have extensive experience using this
medication to the advantage of our patients, while also focusing on any other mental health issues
which may be contributing to opiate dependence.

Patients looking to begin buprenorphine therapy at Pacific Premier Group, PC can expect
medication management alongside 1:1 counseling with a therapist. The frequency of both medical
and therapeutic visits depends upon the individual’s level of need (as determined in an evaluation).
Patients can anticipate a timely response from our scheduling staff, as well as appointment
availability within one week of the patient’s request.

Let Pacific Premier Group help ease the burden of opioid and other addictions. We have the
expertise and experience necessary to guide you or your loved one through the journey back to a
healthy life.

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