Healthcare Professional Evaluation & Treatment

“As a healthcare professional, you are looked to as a resource and an authority on how to manage any of a variety of health concerns and conditions. In addition, there is a professional expectation that you will be able to manage your own health, perhaps with greater success than those employed in different fields. ”

Pacific Premier Group gives Professional Healthcare Assessments to Patients

The truth is, of course, that healthcare professionals are also people, subject to the same challenges and adversity as anyone else. In fact, the medical field’s high stress levels and demanding hours might put healthcare professionals at even greater risk of mental health and addiction challenges than the general public.

Healthcare professionals often don’t think that treatment can help them, or worry about how the
associated stigma may affect their careers. However, mental health treatment can help medical
professionals in all sorts of situations — from the physical therapist with mild depression or
anxiety who wants to be healthier and happier, to the family practitioner facing a mental health
crisis that could have serious professional repercussions if left unchecked. Regardless of your
condition and your career focus, timely treatment can prevent a mild issue from becoming a big

Working with Pacific Premier Group can make a real difference, with primary mental health
issues as well as alcohol or drug issues. Stigma should not be a factor, because the treatment
is confidential, and because everyone here is a huge supporter of treatment as a healthy,
positive step to take.

Pacific Premier Group takes a special interest in the well-being of our own providers and of
healthcare professionals in general, providing therapeutic solutions through the use of
psychotherapy and medication. Your Pacific Premier Group therapist will help you craft a plan to
address mood disorders, anxiety, or substance dependence issues. We want to work with you
to improve your overall mental health and avoid any professional pitfalls like licensing and other
ethical concerns. Let Pacific Premier Group help you address your mental health challenges,
whether they be large or small. Soon, you’ll be back to treating your patients with all the
attention and focus you want to give them.

Dr. Paul Conti is a staunch advocate of therapeutic treatment for health care professionals,
having seen the benefits in his own life and practice.

Dr. Conti: “I have learned a great deal about myself through psychotherapy. It has been among
the most rewarding things I have done for myself, and I do think it has helped to keep me
healthy in times of very high stress. And low dosing of safe and effective anti-anxiety medicines
has improved my quality of life, and probably also my decision-making.”

Let the experienced staff of medical and psychological professionals at Pacific Premier Group
help you address the mental health issues that are keeping you from being your best, feeling
your happiest, and finding the most fulfillment in your life and practice.

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