Medication Management

“Beginning a regimen of medication may feel daunting. The idea of taking medication to maintain optimal mental health has certain stigmas attached to it, and you may feel apprehension or embarrassment based on preconceived notions that are not medically accurate. ”

PPG offers medication management

The truth is that taking a pharmaceutical approach to managing depression, anxiety, and other psychological
conditions is no more unusual than using an antibiotic to fight an infection, or an antihistamine to soothe seasonal allergies.

Antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and other pharmaceuticals are powerful tools for
treating a variety of mental health concerns. Whether it’s a mood disorder, like depression,
anxiety, or bi-polar, a behavioral addiction like gambling, or even a chemical dependency,
psychopharmaceutical treatments can yield great results, especially when applied in tandem
with a good therapeutic approach.

Our prescribing providers work with patients to establish appropriate medication regimes that
thoughtfully consider risks and benefits, medication history, and cost-effectiveness. We don’t
prescribe a course of medication unless it makes sense in the overall therapeutic framework.
We want to work with you to tailor a personalized approach that will address your specific
needs. In the mental health world, one size does not fit all.

At Pacific Premier Group, we are committed to finding the best treatment for each client who
comes through our doors. We know that facing mental health concerns can be an overwhelming
prospect, and we want to ease that burden. Our long history of successful intervention and
treatment has created a knowledge and experience base that we can draw on to help craft a
therapeutic approach that will fit each client’s needs specifically.

How Does Medication Fit in My Treatment Plan?

When you’re trying to accomplish a task, having the right tool is vital. Sometimes a task requires
multiple tools, or even the whole toolbox. Treating and maintaining mental health isn’t that
different. Two of the common tools that our experienced therapists use are in-person therapy
sessions and medication. In some cases, using just one of these methods might work, but the
best results often come from approaching the problem from both angles. We encourage you to
look at medication as simply another tool in your toolbox, which you can use to overcome some
of the most challenging obstacles in your path. We know that when you’re in the grips of
depression, or any other psychological condition, the way out can seem murky at best.
Sometimes you can’t imagine a way forward. You may feel overwhelmed, or as though your
situation is hopeless. At Pacific Premier Group, we want to deploy every possible resource to
return you to a state where you feel in control, optimistic, and ready to tackle the challenges that
come your way. A managed plan for your medication is one of the best tools the modern
medical arsenal has to offer for achieving this goal.

When you work with Pacific Premier Group to manage your regimen of medication as a part of
your therapeutic plan, you can avoid these potential pitfalls and be assured of a long-term
solution that brings lasting results.

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