“People don’t exist in a vacuum. We interact with people, we live with other people, we are married to other people, we have family groups and other social circles.”

While the popular attitude towards mental health and mental health care is shifting, there is still an unwarranted stigma surrounding many mental health conditions. In our view, you wouldn’t neglect a broken leg; you would seek medical assistance. You would set the bone and cast it, and then continue with any care necessary to help it heal. Mental health shouldn’t be looked at any differently. Depression, anxiety, compulsions, and other psychological conditions need treatment. Just as with any health condition, ignoring the symptoms won’t fix anything.

Therapy as Treatment

The distinction between physical ailments and psychological ones isn’t nearly as clear-cut as
most people imagine. Psychological conditions like depression can be related to very real,
observable alterations in the way neurotransmitters travel between neurons. This is just as
physical a phenomenon as a heart condition. Still, ideal treatment for psychological conditions
may take a different form than treatment for other kinds of health issues. Therapy is a powerful
tool in the treatment of many psychological conditions, just as much so as medication.
Depending on a patient’s individual needs, therapy may be able to take the place of medication
entirely, or a mental health regimen that combines both methods may be needed.
One of the benefits of a therapeutic approach is that your therapist becomes a resource that you
can rely on as you develop your own resilience. Pacific Premier Group therapists have a diverse
base of expertise ranging from substance abuse to psychological afflictions like major
depressive disorder, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, and more.

Individual Therapy

Discussing the things that are troubling us can be difficult, but psychotherapy has been shown
to have benefits for people who go through it. Therapy often leads to better relationships,
solutions to specific problems, and significant reductions in feelings of distress. Our one-on-one
therapy sessions allow you to develop a personal relationship with your therapist, who will help
guide you to solutions, behavioral adaptations, and new ways of thinking about the things that
are causing you to experience psychological distress.

Family and Couples Therapy

People don’t exist in a vacuum. We interact with people, we live with other people, we are
married to other people, we have family groups and other social circles. Often, when a mental
health issue crops up we don’t experience it by ourselves. Family systems play important roles
in the treatment of our mental health.

This is why Pacific Premier Group offers family and couples therapy. The effect of a mental
health challenge extends to a partner, or to parents. It is within these systems and
structures that we either thrive or wither. The treatment of the entire family or both partners in a
couple is often the most complete approach. When the support system of the family is involved,
the desired therapeutic outcome is more certain.

Therapy – Family, couples or individual – is an effective means of treating many mental health
concerns. As you meet with your therapist, you will be able to experience personalized care that
addresses your specific needs.

At Pacific Premier Group, we know how important your mental health is. Difficulties with mental
health impact all other aspects of your life, so treating these issues is key to maintaining your
overall health and wellbeing. We are excited to work together with you to create individual
solutions and help you overcome any obstacles that may stand between you and improved
mental health.

Call us, and let’s work together to find the best way forward. Don’t let the challenges of mental
health affect the rest of your life. Our therapists at Pacific Premier Group are ready to help.

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