Sonali Patel, MA, LMFT, CADCI

Sonali Patel, MA, LMFT, CADCI

Marriage & Family Therapist

Sonali Patel is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College Graduate School of Education and Counseling, earning her Master’s degree in Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy.  As a family therapist, Sonali’s focus is on restoring balance and building communication within families as they are integral in increasing the overall well-being of individuals, couples and families.  Sonali identifies symptoms such as marital discord, addiction, behavioral issues among adolescents, mental and medical health issues as becoming an unhelpful part of the family system.  Her approach to reduce the impact of these symptoms and break harmful patterns is collaborative, encouraging members to be open and honest throughout the progression of therapy.  Sonali has experience working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and has a special interest in working with individuals affected by grief and trauma.

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